nice fan made video to QUEEN's "Was it all worth it?"

YouTube: Queen - Was It All Worth It (Xplosive Ending Version) 1989 (jlb land rock)

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Okay. Das sieht danach aus, als wenn der Poller nicht laufen würde. Prüfe zunächst die allgemeinen Verdächtigen:
  • PHP-Log-Datei (der Pfad ist in der php.ini hinterlegt)
  • Friendica-Log-Datei mit Einträgen von "dba.php"
  • Sind Einträge in der Friendica-Log-Datei mit "twitter.php" vorhanden?
im Apachelog sehe ich eine Menge hiervon:

[Thu Aug 10 11:15:29.055766 2017] [:error] [pid 12587] [client] PHP Warning: dns_get_record(): An unexpected server failure occurred. in /var/www/friendica/include/network.php on line 449


[Thu Aug 10 11:29:33.304863 2017] [core:error] [pid 12251] (36)File name too long: [client] AH00036: access to / failed (filesystem path '/var/www/')
Ich meine nicht den Apache-Log, sondern die Datei, die in der php.ini unter error_log = eingetragen ist. Da werden die PHP-Fehler protokolliert.

Wie sieht es mit den anderen Angaben an?

Gibt es hier einen Pflanzenexperten?!

Ich habe mal ne Frage zu Zimmerpflanzen. Ich habe ein Alpenveilchen und das steht am Wohnzimmerfenster. Es will aber einfach nicht wachsen. Gieß ich es zu wenig, oder muss ich es vielleicht mal umtopfen?
Das Wohnzimmerfenster ist übrigens zum Nachbarn raus, also eher im Schatten..


Aggro Millionenstadt Sampler (TKKG)

Hach ja, das waren noch Zeiten,
2006/2007... und die Aggro Millionenstadtbewegung um NAPUR(tm)

Mit Detlef Egge Deluxe, DJ Waberina, MC Kanteranke, Volker Fatz und Co...

Aggro Millionenstadt (TKKG) - YouTube

Detlef Egge Deluxe, DJ Waberina, MC Kanteranke, Volker Fatz und Co...

Making sweet, sweet music with pisound
I’d say I am a passable guitarist. Ever since I learnt about the existence of the Raspberry Pi in 2012, I’ve wondered how I could use one as a guitar effects unit. Unfortunately, I’m also quite lazy and have therefore done precisely nothing to make one. Now, though, I no longer have to beat myself up about this. Thanks to the pisound board from Blokas, musicians can connect all manner of audio gear to their Raspberry Pi, bringing their projects to a whole new level. Essentially, it transforms your Pi into a complete audio workstation! What musician wouldn’t want a piece of that?

pisound: a soundcard HAT for the Raspberry Pi

The pisound in situ: do those dials go all the way to eleven?

pisound is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi 3 which acts as a souped-up sound card. It allows you to send and receive audio signals from its jacks, and send MIDI input/output signals to compatible devices. It features two 6mm in/out jacks, two standard DIN-5 MIDI in/out sockets, potentiometers for volume and gain, and ‘The Button’ (with emphatic capitals) for activating audio manipulation patches. Following an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, the pisound team is preparing the board for sale later in the year.

Setting the board up was simple, thanks to the excellent documentation on the pisound site. First, I mounted the board on my Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and secured it with the supplied screws. Next, I ran one script in a terminal window on a fresh installation of Raspbian, which downloaded, installed, and set up all the software I needed to get going. All I had to do after that was connect my instruments and get to work creating patches for Pure Data, a popular visual programming interface for manipulating media streams.

Image from Blokas

Get creative with pisound!

During my testing, I created some simple fuzz, delay, and tremolo guitar effects. The possibilities, though, are as broad as your imagination. I’ve come up with some ideas to inspire you:
  • You could create a web interface for the guitar effects, accessible over a local network on a smartphone or tablet.
  • How about controlling an interactive light show or projected visualisation on stage using the audio characteristics of the guitar signal?
  • Channel your inner Matt Bellamy and rig up some MIDI hardware on your guitar to trigger loops and samples while you play.
  • Use a tilt switch to increase the intensity of an effect when the angle of the guitar’s neck is changed (imagine you’re really going for it during a solo).
  • You could even use the audio input stream as a base for generating other non-audio results.

pisound – Audio & MIDI Interface for your Raspberry Pi

Indiegogo Campaign: More Info: Sounds by Sarukas:

Now I have had a taste of what this incredible little board can do, I’m very excited to see what new things it will enable me to do as a performer. It’s compact and practical, too: as the entire thing is about the size of a standard guitar pedal, I could embed it into one of my guitars if I wanted to. Alternatively, I could get creative and design a custom enclosure for it.

Using Sonic Pi with pisound

Community favourite Sonic Pi will also support the board very soon, as Sam Aaron and Ben Smith ably demonstrated at our fifth birthday party celebrations. This means you don’t even need to be able to play an instrument to make something awesome with this clever little HAT.

The Future of @Sonic_Pi with Sam Aaron & Ben Smith at #PiParty

Uploaded by Alan O’Donohoe on 2017-03-05.

I’m incredibly impressed with the hardware and the support on the pisound website. It’s going to be my go-to HAT for advanced audio projects, and, when it finally launches later this year, I’ll have all the motivation I need to create the guitar effects unit I’ve always wanted.

Find out more about pisound over at the Blokas website, and take a deeper look at the tech specs and other information over at the pisound documentation site.

Disclaimer: I am personally a backer of the Indiegogo campaign, and Blokas very kindly supplied a beta board for this review.

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Ich hatte Probleme, mich auf die Pre-Order Mailingliste zu setzen. Die versprochene Verification-Mail kommt einfach nicht an.
Aber wenn man auf der Webseite ist, kann man unten rechts einen Mitarbeiter anchatten, der sogar Samstag um 19:00 Uhr sofort geantwortet hat.
So bin ich nun doch noch auf die Liste gekommen...
Sehr geiles Projekt, kann es kaum erwarten, einen in der Hand zu halten...

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Klingt erstmal sehr vielversprechend, und funktioniert auch super mit der App (Archlinux), im Browser, Handy, Tablet...
Teste das seit 3 Tagen...

Wire ist ein verschlüsselter opensource Messenger

Windows 98 im Browser

Na, jemand Lust auf Flashbacks?

Windows98 läuft hier im Browser:

Virtual x86

Nostalgie und ein bisschen Grusel... :)

@Friendica Support
Liebe Supporters,
ich schon wieder... :)

Ich betreibe mehrere Accounts auf meinem Server. Mein Problem:
Auf meinem JoeSlam Account sehe ich rechts oben die "Benachrichtigungen", also wenn jemand etwas kommentiert, oder eine Kontaktanfrage reinkommt.
Auf allen meinen anderen Accounts (Foren, Marktschreier-Konten) sehe ich dieses Benachrichtigungsfeld nicht. Ich habe scheinbar keine Chance, an die Benachrichtigungen zu kommen, oder den Counter wieder auf 0 zu stellen.
Was mache ich falsch?

Ja, da müssen wir mal aufräumen und klären, was wir machen wollen.

Michael Jackson makeup for Thriller.

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